Old Blog Posts

Ok there are 2 main blogs that got me to this one… one was totally anonymous, so no one, and I mean NO ONE, knew who I was. I could say anything. Which was good, because at the time I was just geting into recovery and my addiction gave me a nosebleed or a black eye everyday it seemed…

From there, where I wasn’t very regular, I moved to myspace. I moved there to keep up with friends that were moving off, and staying behind when I moved off, and keep in touch. But I have to admit, the more clearer I became, the less nostalgic I became about much of my past.

You see, the junky blog was really about the things I didn’t want to do – tell war stories, be that old crotchety drunk junky in recovery that just hates life (which I am and I do sometimes).  Myspace moved me further ahead, but it was, well, it was Myspace. In other words, it was hard for me to take serious.

So I my last gig of the summer I built several websites and blogs, and used wordpress. I was impressed by the simplicity and ease… so I thought, why the heck not.

Now, the two blogs from which I’m bringing posts over here were from a different time in my life; especially the ones labelled “JL” (I’ll respect those still kicking around over there)… I’ll do my best to star out the language, and I’m sure non of the cardinal words will be used. And I could use some help ID’ing them if some slip by.

The “JL” blog will be gruff, and moody, and the myspace blog will be a little more cheery and less moody, but stable for the most part.

I’ll be breaking them out by category, “JL” and “Myspace” and here are the first posts from each blog that were decent enough to get online.

MySpace : “I Just Am”

“JL”   :       “Why I’m not a junky anymore”


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