Another day…

Wake, eat, caffeine, medicine, computer, news, shower, church… ok, moving on.


ok i’m alive and well just been on break. . .

not that i’m so busy or important or anything, but occasionally someone may drop by here and so for anyone that knows me, i’ve been away for a while, just living. i had to “get away” from my own life i guess. getting away is getting more difficult and sometimes there are people that aren’t happy when i do that. such is life.

but i’m back and better than ever, well and/or getting better…

made some new friends, lost some old friends, regained some old friends, and lost a few new friends. you know, life as usual, for me anyway.

i enjoy my life. but it is as they say a little unconventional. living simply and trying to avoid brain rot or too much grass growing under my feet, well all that sounds good but its still a lesson in progress. i have to pay attention, be thoughtful and mindful of others, and still stay in my own life, while trying to live in the moment.

ok, so that’s all i’ve got for now. this is a personal and boring post, to me anyway. i’m probably going to delete it, or maybe archive it, in a few days. trying to get back into the swing.

wish me luck.