Information insurgency…

“Information wants to be free” – But this is not a notion of revolution… it is not as if it should be free…

No, it is a statement of entropy, of disorder, of dispersal…

So give up the idea that people own abstractions, ideas, copyrights, patents….

It is just the path we’re on… tomorrow’s general public will look like today’s pirates, just like yesterday and the day before…


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  1. Just a thank you for your web site and your view of TAOISM. The more people in all walks of life walk, talk and live a life of peace and reflection the more the world will see change that guides on all on a path of self discovery and hope for the human race..

    Anyway, keep up the good work…

    The Guardian’s Promise “Fulfill the promise life has to offer all that are brought into this world. Honor all that are yet to be born, by caring for the present and protecting the future. “

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