Soul Sucker

So appropriate for some things in my life these past few days and maybe weeks… a repost that is scarily accurately appropriate!

Soul Sucker
I feel my body drooping from an attack. My blood is pumping hard, trying to rush necessary survival chemicals to my brain. I had mistaken my senses alerting me to run for those that elude pain. Being swallowed into a swirling storm of chaos draws me close to a fire that does not want to be extinguished.

I was mislead, but more than that, I miscalculated. I trusted where none was warranted; I believed when to do so would be foolish; I gave my precious energy and in doing so fell spriraling into a black hole.

My mind told me countless times, but I based my actions on faith in someone else. I believed they could be good-hearted. That behind all that take was some give.


Imagine looking up
from the top
from the bottom

Tossed into confusion
too confusing

The swirls of euphoria
descend into pain
the top, the bottom

I lose myself
in time
in rhyme

I chase rabbits freely
sweetly knowing

allen p.



haven’t been much for cybercommo lately. just checking in. life is ok here, hopefully all are doing well.

that’s all i have today. boring,  i know, but i’m tired of not having anything here for updates.

that’s it.