Tao Te Ching Chapter 81 (excerpt)

“The way of heaven is to benefit and not to harm.

The way of the True Reason is to assist without striving in the unfolding of the story of the earth.”

Benefit and not harm, assist without striving. That’s a good approach to life…


Check out my new work blog…

Well, I’ve started a blog for a company I work for names AJ Grants and Development… The blog is about, well, grants and business development.

CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT (ajgrants.wordpress.com)

Over the past several years I’ve tried to rebuild a career that I almost gave up on. During this time, I’ve learned by trial and error (usually by error) how to be a professional.

I’ve also learned how not to be a professional. One thing I learned is to keep my personal life, and my personal problems, completely separate from my professional life.

This may seem obvious to most people, but it wasn’t to me. I tried to turn some things that are very personal to me into part of my professional life. I burned myself and several people around me doing that.

Now, I’m not going to go into much detail, partially because I’ve learned that things like blogs can become part of my professional life. And I’ve tried to keep most of this blog public-personal… a new category (to me) of life.

I ask myself this – “what do I want EVERYONE to know” or more importantly “what do I NOT want everyone to know”… and that’s what I write, or don’t write, respectively, on this blog.

Slowly but surely I am rebuilding bridges that I’ve burned in my youth… and eventually, sooner than later, I’ll get to the ones I burned in my not-so-youth.

Until then, I just press onwards, and do my best to be professional, personable, and empathetic… things I haven’t always cared about.

I don’t know the point of this blog, except to document another day in the journey. After all, its the journey, not the destination.

The Angry Son

A new writing project I’m working on, not yet daily, but soon to be daily. I have started this as a memoir, not that I’m old enough, but I have been through the gates of hell and back.

I am not an angry person, to the world. But the title comes from the way I’ve treated myself over the years. I tended towards self-violence, and not in a small way. I tried to destroy myself slowly, methodically, under the guise of ‘having fun.’

Now, I’ve become much more calm, passive, and kind to myself. I’ve learned the folly of my ways… learned to care about the day, and about how I can help others. And how can I do that if I am partially unconscious all the time?

So, I’m just making the announcement here. Although I won’t direct you to the source just yet, I’m sure the fruits of this work will end up here in some form or another, off and on.

The project also starts at the same time as a new writing contract, and another new business effort, so if I seem to be absent from my blog, that may get worse before it gets better. But I’ll still come around here several times a week.

I think I’m going to start updating specific days of the week, starting today I’ll try to at least update once a week, on Tuesdays. I may add another day, probably will, but we’ll just see how that works for now.


Trying to get twitter to update facebook and blog… had 2 of 3… now back to none. Will get there.

Today’s influence

Proverbs 3:5-8

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;

6 in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight. [a]

7 Do not be wise in your own eyes;
fear the LORD and shun evil.

8 This will bring health to your body
and nourishment to your bones.

Tao Te Ching, Chapter14


Look, and it can’t be seen.
Listen, and it can’t be heard.
Reach, and it can’t be grasped.

Above, it isn’t bright.
Below, it isn’t dark.
Seamless, unnamable,
it returns to the realm of nothing.
Form that includes all forms,
image without an image,
subtle, beyond all conception.

Approach it and there is no beginning;
follow it and there is no end.
You can’t know it, but you can be it,
at ease in your own life.
Just realize where you come from:
this is the essence of wisdom.

Proverbs is my favorite book in the Bible, as I’ve mentioned before. Wisdom is one of the main characters, and it serves as a sort of manifestation of what we already know we know, deep down, or  from things that are accessible all around us that are eternal.

I have learned that the picture of reality is much too large for me to see. Its kind of like looking at part of a photograph… if I can’t see it all, I may miss the subject matter,  or the context, or the overall meaning.

My reality is built around a partial understanding, which is never safe, if I lean on it completely. But if I look for The Way, and don’t try to understand it with my mind, then I can walk without stumbling. \

Romans 12:2 says:

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

I believe that I am a spiritual being in a physical world. What I see  around me just isn’t the whole picture. I’m not sure there are other-wordly beings, angels and demons, or whatnot. I’m not sure what’s in this other part of what’s happening.

All I know is that there is more going on than I can see. The Big Picture, the Universal Energy, that drives us, God, The Way, whatever you want to call it, doesn’t wear a watch and doesn’t think like I do.

So, I don’t want to trust on my on heart and mind to get me through BASED ON WHAT I SEE. Now that’s not to say I don’t trust my heart and mind. I do. I believe I am capable of picking up the energy of God, walking along The Way, and becoming a more spiritual person every day.

And that is the goal, or mine at least; to strive, daily, to clear my head a little more, to become a little less attached to the physical world around me, to be more open to the quiet wind blowing through my heart and mind, giving me instruction while I am still and quiet.

Psalms 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God

And that about sums it up…