A blog post a day keeps the spammers away…

Well, I’m still not quite chugging along on this thing yet. I’ve done a little research and for the freebie I have limited control. Since I enjoy doing this so much, and because I’ll be building a site soon, I may splurge in a few weeks and get a host. That way I can actually do some real playing…

I hope to be building a business site and blog soon too, but that’s in a plan with a date that is not so near. Therefor I am not thinking about that too hard right now.

What I am thinking hard about is getting 2 proposals out in the next 3 weeks. As usual I experienced a combination of information lag and scope creep. Which is fancy project management lingo for “I’ve got more to do than originally planned, and recieved the tools to do this work later than expected.”

I do plan this phenomenon into project schedules but there is always this strange unknown space-time sludge or something that gets caught in the wheels… in other words, in terms Clausewitz would use, I am experiencing the fog and friction of the project… and the inevitable inpredictability of anything like this.

My second job, which is very much for stability and stress relief purposes (not to mention the benefits down the road if I stick around) started yesterday. The computer training was supposed to take 2 days, 4 hours per day. I finished in an hour and a half.

I’m not bragging. I’m just saying……. you get the point.

Several have said “you should have dragged it out so you would get paid.” Here’s the news – it would have been shit for money, for one. Secondly, I am slammed already with a job where I stare at a computer screen for hours. It actually would have cost me money to drag that out. Now I can do this… work I mean.

Speaking of, that’s where I’m headed now… got a few edits to make then off down the river Lethe thank L. Ron. Its been a hell of a day.

Thanks for making it over here if you actually did. I’m curious who is coming over here. Please feel free to comment on my (ever so interesting) blog, if for no other reason, so I know I kept some readers. I had quite a few.
Ok. I’m sleepy. Must edit terribly-written stuff and make it golden… good nite.


Free Floating

Well there are good ways and better ways of doing things. I had basically been using MYSPACE as nothing more than a blog for a while. I would occasionally do the “social networking” thing but my time is growing thin. As I mentioned there I am relocating to save myself time. MYSPACE and other social networking sites are getting better and better at keeping people around. I decided to move out of that realm so I could avoid that pull.

Plus I am going to be linking my own website up to this blog soon. I will put up pictures, much more recent ones, and keep the whole “update on life” thing going.

And I can play more and have more freedom with my own site.

There’s also a more practical reason – the more experience I have working these blogs and sites, the more I open up those opportunities with my work. On my last contract I built something like 3 sites and 4 blogs and learned a good deal about what’s out there today.

So here I am. That’s a weak first post, but it fills the void and lets anyone who plans on reading know they’re in the right spot.

So here I go deleting and cleaning up over there. Then comes more over here.